Our 5 day hiking program






1. Hike No. 25: Agistros

- Difficulty level: easy

- Length: 11 km

- Hiking time: 3.5 hrs.

- Altitude (highest point): 125 m.

- Start time: 9.30 at princess hotel.

- Meeting point: Bus stop No. 23


Our trail passes through pine woods and leads us down to the beautiful beaches of Agistros and Elias where we can pause for a swim and a picnic at the beach tavern. Several elevated points on this route offer fascinating panoramic views.

Our way back leads us through pine woods again until we get to our departure point.



Hike No. 2: Kounistra






- Difficulty level: moderate

- Length: 12 km

- Hiking time: abt. 3 hrs.

- Altitude (highest point): 279 m.

- Start time: 9.30

- Meeting point: Bus stop No. 16 (no transfer)


On this route we go in the begin 1 hour uphill and follow one of the loveliest footpaths of the island, walking through a shady forest of exceptional natural beauty. We visit the Kounistra Monastery where we make a stop for a Greek coffee. Another lovely footpath leads us to the Monastery of Ag. Giannis o Kryfos, continuing from there down-wards to the Lygaries beach. On our way back to the departure spot we walk along the Achilas brook.



3. Hike No.11: Kechria - Difficulty level: moderate






- Length: 10 km

- Hiking time: 3 hrs.

- Altitude (highest point): 193 m.

- Start time: 9.30 hotel Princess

- Meeting point: Church of Ag. Antonios

(at the cypresses)


On this route we explore the Magic Forest of Skiathos, a place of unique, untouched nature.
We reach our starting point by taxi or occa-sionally by the hotel bus. Opposite the cy-presses starts a very old footpath that leads to the Monastery of Panagia Kechria, where we can make our first stop. After that we enter the Magic Forest and walk through to its end at the beach of Kechria. There we’ll have a 1,5-hour break for a swim and a picnic at the traditional beach tavern.


Our return trail goes by mini bus, cost 40 € for 8 persons.



4. Hike No. 24: Kastro






- Difficulty level: moderate

- Length: 10 km

- Hiking time: 3 hrs.

- Altitude (highest point): 396 m.

- Start time: 9.00 hotel Princess


The bus bring us to the Monastery of Evangelistria, where we make a first stop for a visit of that beautiful place. We then walk on towards the Monastery of Ag. Charalambos (short stop) and after that, following an old footpath and passing across the chapel of Panagia Doman and the Chimonas spring, we arrive at Kastro. After visiting the impressive remains of that old capital of Skiathos we walk downwards to the beach of Kastro for a swim and a picnic.


Back to Skiathos by boat (‘kaiki’) passing across the famous Lalaria beach. The boat trip has an extra cost of 10 € per person, (minimum 15 persons, otherwhise return with mini bus, 45 € till 8 persons)





  1. Hike to the summits of Skiathos.


- Easy level: moderate

- Length: 7 km

- Hiking time: 2,5 hrs.

- Start time: 10.00 Profit Ilias




This hike leads us up to the summets of Skiathos Karaflitzanaka (427 m) and Mitikas,


with 433 m the highest point of Skiathos, both with phantastic panorama views.




Notes for participants


During the hikes, the guide will provide the participants with information about all places of interest and also about herbs they might come across.

Participants should be equipped with sturdy footwear, adequate clothing, hiking poles and a big bottle of water or other refreshment. On every hike it is possible, to have a break in a beach tavern for drinks and food.

Participation in the hiking program is effected at one’s own risk and responsibility.

The costs for guided hikes is 90 € for 5 person, every person additional costs 15 € The costs for transfer is extra. For big groups, more then 20 people we can offer 90 € for 5 people and 12 € per person additional.

The guide is a very experienced hiker and has also a long experience in first aid.

For more information please contact Ortwin Widmann, mail: widmann@otenet.gr phone.0030 6972705416.