About me:

My name is Ortwin Widmann, German citizen, lover of Greece and drop out. From 1997 I am living here on Skiathos with my wife Ursula. During this time I have gotten to know the Greek language, as well as the dances and folkloric songs. I have acquainted myself with the local customs and the history of the island and as a lover of nature and enthusiastic hiker I have explored the entire island an its beauty. I did so by hiking especially along donkey tracks and goat paths. My hiking guide is a collection of information and the most beautiful of those hikes, together with references of the historical background. I also provide noumerous useful tips in order that the visitor has readily at hand useful information about all places.

Over and beyond that I offer assistance in emergency situations, as well as give guided tours and photo safaris to take photos of the most incredible places of nature. I explain as well the medical herbs look also  at:                                                           http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/hotels/11121074/The-sweet-smell-of-Skiathos.html   that can be discovered on this island. For the sake of completion I have added special maps for hiking. Enjoy your hike.

PS: You can reach me via e-mail: widmann@otenet.gr