Skiathos is the best organized  destination in Greece, for hiking


• 26 hiking routes with a total length of 200 km

• GPS-mapped all routes

• paths under steady control and cleaned

• good signposting (you’ll never lose your way…)

• Hiking in the Aegean Paradise”, the hiking book contains a lot of information on history, culture, places of interest and herbs of the island as well as maps and descriptions of all hiking routes (you can purchase the book from the Online Store on this site)

Adventuring hiking

• hiking combined with acquaintance of medical herbs         

. hiking festival every year 20. September

. guided hikes for 19 € per person, (minimum 5 Persons).

. Geo caching (5 caches)

. Hiking medal for hikers.



the "hiking medal "of skiathos !

 You will get the medal, if you

have done 24 of the 25 hiking routes on Skiathos. As evidence please note the hiking codes, you will find in the middle of the routes. For the medal call :                     0030 6972705416